Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up sod at your location?

We currently do not store sod at our location or allow pickups. We harvest all sod fresh to order and deliver directly to job sites and homes. Sod quality and freshness is our priority.

How many square feet does a pallet of sod cover?

Each sod pallet carries between 400 - 650 sq. ft. On our website dropdown, it will display the actual square footage for that variety.

How do I measure how much sod I need?

Sod needed for a specific areas is measured in square feet. The is best done by imagining the area in squares or rectangles and then multiplying length times width to find the total square footage. You would add up the total for each square or rectangle you create until your total area is covered. We recommend adding at least 5% on top of your final measurements to account for under measuring and sod wastes accumulated from your trimmings.

Also you can use this link here to measure very accurately via Satellite

When is the best time to install sod?

You can install sod at all times of the year with varying pros and cons. Below we rank each season in order along with pros and cons of each.


Pros: cool temperatures, long season ahead for growth, spring rains reduce irrigation needed
Cons: sod coming out of dormancy so not green all the way yet, takes a bit longer to root up sometimes when planted in early spring, have to order early as we are extremely busy


Pros: sod is well developed and ready to root fast, warm temperatures allow for quick growth and establishment, moderate growing season left for sod to completely blend in and gro together,
Cons: frequent watering is required, sod can sometimes arrive stressed from transport (quickly greens up after a few days).


Pros: cool temperatures, reduced irrigation needs, sod quality is high
Cons: short growing season left send sod into the winter with shallower roots. This is ok but requires greater patience for sod to fully develop.


Pros: Discounts usually available, can move quickly due to more flexible schedule
Cons: Grass is dormant when installed (brown or hazel), Does not grow until Spring and sometimes greens up slower compared to established lawns

If I place an order for Sod Delivery how fast can you deliver it?

All sod delivery orders received will be seen by our team within minutes and we will compare your requested delivery date with our delivery schedule. You will be contacted within 1-3 hours with a confirmation of the date. In general, you should place your order at least 2 days prior to your requested delivery date.

If I place an order for Sod Installation how fast can you install it?

Generally we are able to schedule your installation approximately 3 days after we receive your order. During the busy seasons we do recommend placing your order at least one week prior to your requested installation date.

Can I buy a small amount of sod, less than one pallet?

We do not currently sell less than 1 pallet or break up our pallets into partials such as a 1/2 pallet or 1/4 pallet.

How do I take care of my new sod?

We provide the industries leading maintenance instructions with every order to puts years of experience into one document so you can properly maintain your yard ongoing.

Do you guarantee or warranty your sod?

While we do guarantee that each sod variety is true to its name and biological structure, we do not guarantee survivability or suitability ongoing from the time of delivery and/or installation. Installing sod is a risk and it is a perishable product and must be taken care of upon installation. You can view our full terms and conditions here.